FAQs and Physical Form

FAQs and Physical Form
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 Mrs. Stratmeyer, School Nurse:

Regarding General Concerns:

Q: Can my child bring in his/her own medication to school?

A: No, a parent/guardian (or a designated adult) must bring the medication to school and instructions must be verified by the nurse or health aide. 

Q: Can my child carry his own inhaler or epi pen?

A: Yes, but first you, your child and the nurse must meet to discuss a thorough plan of care for your child. Also required is the doctor's prescription stating the need to carry a rescue medication at school.

Q: What does Pennsylvania School Health Services require of my child for his High School years?

A: Each student is screened every school year for height, weight and vision. All 11th grade students require a hearing screening as well as a physical examination by a private doctor or our school district physician.

Regarding 11th grade Physical Exams:

Q: How old can my 11th grade student's physical examination be?

A: It is my goal to have each student evaluated thoroughly by his/her family physician. As long as the exam falls within 12 months prior to your students 11th grade year it is accepted. 

Q: When is the completed physical exam form due?

A: We must have your child's physical exam form when their 11th grade school year begins. We schedule our District Physician to provide exams at school for those students who have not provided the health suite with an exam form.

Q: Can I obtain a physical form online?

A: Yes, Physical Form