Aevidum's goal is to create positive mental health environments where all students feel accepted, appreciated and cared for.  Aevidum empowers students to take responsibility to make a difference.

Alliance Club is a group for LGBT students and supporters.  Our goal is to raise awareness and education and strive to make the school a safe and tolerant place for all individuals

Art Club
The Art Club meets a minimum of once a month. These meetings are usually held in the Art room. The Art Club participates in a variety of activities such as games, special art projects, social and school projects.

Auditorium Crew
A vital part of all production and functions that take place in the high school auditorium.  We take care of the lighting, video, sound, and rigging for all events, such as plays, musicals, concerts, and dance shows.

Chess Club
The Kennard-Dale Chess Club provides a friendly environment for chess beginners and pros alike to improve their game through instruction, games, challenges, and in-club tournaments. All who are interested are welcome each week.

Chorus membership is by audition. Kennard-Dale High School has two (2) choruses and two (2) small ensembles, the K-Dettes and the Men's Quartet. All of the vocal organizations welcome your interest.

Concert Band
The Concert Band boasts a growing membership. If you play a wind or percussion instrument you will want to be a part of this music making organization.

Drama Club
Membership is open to any student who participates in a dramatic production at Kennard-Dale during the school year. Productions include the fall play, spring musical, Spring Fling, competitions, and the Kennard-Dale Traveling Company. Members may participate in trips to performances, competitions, and workshops.

Membership is open to any student. The club supports an interest in environmental science through scientific exploration, field trips, and competition.

Exchange Club
Membership is open to any student. The club supports an exchange program between our school and a foreign school. Fundraising activities are an important part of the club.

Foreign Language Club
The Foreign Language Club promotes an awareness of other languages and cultures throughout the school and community. Some activities include Christmas caroling in the various languages, sampling foreign foods and viewing foreign films. The club plays an integral part in National Foreign Language Week.

Foreign Language National Honor Society
Students are eligible to be members of Spanish National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, and German National Honor Society, while in level three classes and obtaining a required GPA.

Future Farmers of America
The FFA is a nationally recognized youth organization that offers the opportunity for achieving success through personal goals. Through teamwork and cooperation, students learn about agriculture through various activities such as judging animals, public speaking, skills contests, and leadership conferences. Members attend monthly meetings and participate in planning of events and fundraising. Community service is also another aspect of this organization.

Future Business Leaders of America
The FBLA is a recognized youth organization that offers the opportunity for achieving success through personal goals. Through teamwork and cooperation, students learn about the world of business through various activities and competitions. Members attend monthly meetings and participate in planning events and fundraising.

Health Careers Club
Members explore post-secondary education and career opportunities in the Health field. Club members also organize and participate in a mock crash for Prom Promise and other health observance days throughout the school year.

Help Desk
The Help Desk was created alongside the 1:1 initiative to help students with their new Chromebooks, whether it be fixing something that was broken or guiding someone through one of Google's apps, The Help Desk is here to help. The site offers advice and troubleshooting tips as well as possible current issues.

The International Thespian Society Troupe #4698
Considered the honors organization for the dramatic activities of Kennard-Dale High School, membership is honorary based on points earned by participating in all aspects of Kennard-Dale dramatic productions. Dramatics magazine is included in the membership.

Kennard-Dale Technical Staff
These students assist with the lighting and sound equipment for KDHS television and all productions in the Auditorium. Membership is by audition only. A Media Services credit is given for one year's participation. Field Trips are included for additional training.

KDHS’ morning news team.

Library Society
Library Society is for students who love books and all things book-related, w
ho also want to make a positive difference in their community.

Marching Band and Color Guard
Students in Marching Band and Band Front exhibit extreme amounts of dedication and devotion. The band starts practicing long before the football team begins to practice in the summer and spends an equal amount of time on the gridiron once school has begun in the fall.

The K-D Mini-THON club continues to sponsor our overnight event where hundreds of students sacrifice their time and make donations to help support children battling cancer and their families.  Our Kennard-Dale students plan and participate in year round activities and have been able to donate over $90,000 to this great cause.

Mock Trial
Students in Grades 11 and 12 are able to obtain practical knowledge and skills necessary for Kennard-Dale High School’s competition in the Pennsylvania Statewide High School Mock Trial Competition. Students act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated civil and criminal trials and explore rules of law, rules of evidence, witness testimony and objections to testimony.

National Honor Society
Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a high school student. The NHS has worked hard to bring the accomplishments of outstanding students to the attention of parents, teachers, peers, and the community. Chapters in high schools across the nations strive to give practical meaning to the Societies' goals of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

National Art Honor Society
For students who have shown and outstanding ability and interest in art, designed to inspire and grow members’ abilities through participating in art exhibitions, workshops, community art service projects while bringing art education to the school and community.

The school newspaper, The Ram's Tale, is a student-produced newspaper published quarterly throughout the school year. Student volunteers participate in the reporting, layout, photography, publication and distribution of the newspaper.

The Kennard-Dale Orchestra is the smallest instrumental group in our school. The excellence of the group's musical efforts far surpasses its size.

Physics Club
Members participate in activities such as games, projects, fundraisers, and field trips. Students learn about career opportunities as well.

The Link Leaders help the freshmen get involved in activities put on by the school and local communities.  These students help to bridge the gap between freshmen and the rest of the school.  The leaders are a positive role model for the freshman students during the important transition from middle school to high school.

Robotics - The Robotics Club serves as an opportunity to spend time exploring Robotics with hands-on experience, and an opportunity for competition. Students do not have to be in a Robotics class or have taken a Robotics class to take part in the club.

School Board Student Representatives
A senior and junior student is elected each year to serve as student representatives on the South Eastern School Board as a non-voting member.

Student  Council
A student led organization that promotes school spirit and community through various events and activities such as Homecoming and Breakfast with Santa. Student Council provides many opportunities for its members to apply leadership
and communication skills.

Students for Christ
Members participate in Bible studies and other faith-based activities.

Ted Talk Club
Supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. Students have the opportunity to produce their own original animated videos, express their innovative ideas, interact with other clubs worldwide, gain presentation literacy skills and leadership skills all on a global level. Club meets two times a month after school.

Thespian Society
Thespian Society is the international honors organization for students that participate in drama activities at KDHS.

Varsity Club
Membership is open to all students who have earned one (1) Varsity Letter in any sport. The club encourages sportsmanship, assists charitable organizations and promotes fellowship among young athletes and school pride. Fundraising activities are an important part of the club.

All areas of photojournalism and yearbook production will be explored as students work collaboratively to organize and design, help fund, write, sell, and produce Kennard-Dale’s yearbook.  This is a 1 credit course for students in grades 10-12 that requires some after school participation.

Young Men’s Group
The Young Men's Leadership club is designed to strengthen the emotional well-being of our male students at Kennard-Dale High School. The club explores topics facing our male teen population. We then initiate strategies to help our club members adjust to the pressures of being a teen in today's society.