Mock Crash Pictures

The Health Careers Club organizes a Mock Crash assembly. The purpose of the assembly was to encourage our students to make wise decisions with regards to alcohol, drugs, and safe driving. The fire departments presented a mock crash site with victims of a drunk driving accident. The students watched the rescue workers extract the accident victims, and the police perform a sobriety field test.

mock crash crash


Some of the members of the Health careers club also participated in a "Grim Reaper" activity where every twenty - thirty minutes a car crash would sound and an announcement would be made about how that particular student "died" ( all scenarios involved drinking, drug abuse and/or distracted driving). The Grim reaper would then enter the student's classroom and provide them with an orange shirt and a tomb stone to wear, another tomb stone was hung outside of the classroom door. The student's that "died" were encouraged not to talk to there friends for the rest of the day. Walking through the hallways it was easy to spot the 12 student and 1 faculty member who had died.

crash crash