Biology Unit 2 - The Chemical Basis of Life

Unit 2- The Chemical Basis of Life 


Chemical Basis for Life


Describe how the unique properties of water support life on Earth.


  • Describe the unique properties of water and how theseproperties support life on Earth (e.g. freezing point, high specific heat,cohesion).


Describe and interpret relationships between structure and function at various levels ofbiochemical organization.


  • Explain how carbon is uniquely suited to form biological macromolecules.


  • Describe how biological macromolecules form from monomers.


  • Compare the structure and function of carbohydrates,lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids in organisms.


Explain how enzymes regulate biochemical relations within a cell.


  • Describe the role of an enzyme as a catalyst inregulating a specific biochemical reaction.


  • Explain how factors such as pH, temperature, and concentration levels can affect enzyme function.



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