How do I attach a document to an email

Open up a new email document

Step 1

Click on the paper clip in the lower left hand corner

Step 2

Find the document you would like to attach click on it and click open and it will be attached

Step 3



How do I unblock a restricted YouTube video?

Teachers: Underneath each video, there is blue bar. If the bar says watchable by then you're to go. If not you can click approve on the right side to allow students to watch the video

Students: Ask your teacher



How to save a document as a PDF

Open the document you want to save and go to the file menu 

Step 1

Open download as and choose PDF

Step 2



How to save a document in Google and open in Microsoft Word

Open the file tab in the google doc 

Step 1

Open the download as tab

Step 2

Choose Microsoft Word



My Chromebook is broken, or the screen is shattered?

If for any reason your Chromebook has physically broken or the screen has cracked, do NOT attempt to repair or fix it by yourself. Please bring it to the help desk during appropriate hours to have the damage assessed. If repair is needed, we will keep your chromebook until it is fixed and will return it as soon as we can. 



My Chromebook isn't connecting to the internet?

If you start up your Chromebook and it cannot connect to the internet, first make sure you are not connected to the "SESD Outside Equipment" network. If you are, locate your settings (Image) and under the category "Internet Connection" (Image) make sure you disconnect from that network (Image). Next step find the SESDChrome network, and connect to it. It should connect automatically, however if the network isn't showing up, restart your Chromebook or contact the help desk. 



My Chromebook isn't turning on?

If you are having problems with your chromebook powering on, first make sure it has been charged or charging for at least 30 minutes (with the correct charging cable). At this point, hold the power button to try turning it on again. If it still doesn't power on, make sure you contact tech support or visit the help desk in the main lobby during your free time.



What do the share settings mean in google docs?

You can share with someone a document through google docs, slides, and spreadsheets. But you can limit what someone can and can't do through the share settings so first you open share in the upper right corner 

Step 1

Then you choose who to share it to and choose what someone can do it if they can edit they can change whatever they want about the document if they can only comment they can leave little messages on the side or they can only view the document

Step 2