Current Issues

Known Issues with Chromebooks/Tech


Internet doesn't work

(Chromebook) Make sure you are connected to SESDChrome and not Outside_Equipment 

(Other device) When connecting to Outside_Equipment make sure you log in at the school website homepage


Iboss blocks internet

Scroll down the page until you see 'Login to different user', click that button and login using your school account. After this you should be able to get on the internet, if not, restart. If you still cannot access the internet check to make sure you have the iBoss Connect app and that it is not flashing


Chromebook doesn't turn on but light is on

Hold down the power button until the light turns off, wait a few seconds then turn the Chromebook back on. If this doesn't work come to the Help Desk


CDT's do not load

Restart and try again a few times. Make sure you are connected to SESDChrome. If that does not work come to the Help Desk