Athletic Training

South Eastern School District Athletic Training

 A Certified Athletic Trainer is someone who:

  • Serves as a connection between the coach, athlete, parent and physician
  • Prevents athletic injuries, Evaluates and assesses injuries, provides immediate first aid care of injuries and treats and rehabilitates injuries
  • Maintains the privacy of all patient health data

 If an athletic injury or illness occurs the following procedure takes effect:

  •  Athlete should notify coach
  • Coach will contact the certified athletic trainer
  • Injury will be evaluated
  • Depending on the severity, parents may be contacted
  • A decision will be made on the appropriate treatment

Return to play decisions:

  •  Athletes seen by a physician for an injury or illness need a doctor’s note to return to play
  • Athletes not seen by a physician are able to be released by the athletic trainer based on the individual athlete’s progression through the healing and rehabilitation process

 FIRST AID for minor muscle, ligament and tendon injuries (RICE):

  •  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Recertification for PIAA physical requirements:

  •  Athlete suffers and illness or injury resulting in the athlete’s inability to participate in 25% or more of the regular season contests in the immediately preceding sports season.
  • Athlete suffers an illness or injury resulting in absence from school for ten (10) or more days
  • Athlete suffers an illness or injury requiring surgery

Changryol "Chong" Choi, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS - [email protected]
Julianna Currie, MAT, LAT, ATC - [email protected]

 717-382-4871 x1016