Sports Performance



Sports Performance

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Welcome to a community of people that decided easy will no longer suffice.

Kennard- Dale Sports Performance is:

· Strength & Conditioning

· Kennard-Dale CrossFit

· Kennard-Dale Powerlifting

The KD Sports Performance group believes physical education is an essential component of education and the overall health and well-being of our students. We believe in the process of constant improvement and the importance of being more fit. 

Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning program is intertwined in our in-school HPE program and our after-school S&C program. Sports Performance started in our HPE program as an elective and has quickly grown into one of the most requested classes in grades 9-12. The curricular class focuses on the fundamentals. Students will learn the Olympic lifts, squats, presses and various pulls. Only Olympic bars, dumbells and kettlebells are used. The only machines are the students!

The after-school program is very similar to the curricular program, however athletes have the opportunity to work with their teams. The team programs will vary due to the physiological demands of the sport. 


Kennard - Dale CrossFit is an official program affiliated with CrossFit. We earned our CrossFit affiliation in August 2012, as a non-profit. To our knowledge, we are one of the 1st, if not the only public school in Pennsylvania to gain official accreditation from the CrossFit community. 

CrossFit movements and fundamentals are currently offered as a class in our K-12 PE Curriculum.


Kennard-Dale Powerlifting has developed a very strong tradition over the last several years. This program started as an off-shoot of our curricular HPE class and blossomed into a 3-time state champion program. Please take a moment, or more, to learn about CrossFit by clicking on the main site link below!

CrossFit Main Site - Link