KDHS School Counseling

Welcome to our School Counseling Department!


For students grades 9-12 A-G:

Joyce Marburger

382-4871 ext. 1831

For students grades 9-12 H-Pl:

Jackie Randall

382-4871 ext. 1833

For students grades 9-12 Po-Z:

Stephanie Hurley

382-4871 ext. 1832

School Counseling Secretary

Dot Absher

382-4871 ext. 1830

News to know: 
         Students who had been registered to take the March 25 SAT School Day will be getting a full refund.  It may take a little bit of time since personnel are limited in their time to be able to access the building and do work, but you will get a refund.  
    For AP students who have already paid to take an AP exam, College Board is working on having a "take at home" option for the AP exam which will most likely be a 45 minute Free Response question.  More details on that should be forthcoming from College Board after April 3.  It is my understanding that students who no longer wish to take the exam because they do not feel prepared due to the school shutdowns can be refunded fully.  Contact Mrs. Hurley if you have questions.  More information can also be found at: